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Charlie Mac

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Surprised no-one has commented on his "Star Player" bit in the NLP this week.Starts with absolute confirmation of what we already knew "My time at G&N is at end and I'll be moving to a league club this summer".He adds there has been interest at both League 1 & League 2 level (as we knew as well).


"I had 2 really good years at Gravesend. My rapport with the fans was very strong & there were many happy times".


"Like all the players at Ebbsfleet, I had a good relationship with Liam".


"Liam is the best manager I played under at Non League level & how well I played at Ebbsfleet reflects well on him. I'm sure he will get a chance at League level and hes certainly a manager with a bright future ahead of him".


"I think they (Ebbsfleet) have a good chance of going 1 better next season, if he can find a 20 goal a season striker to replace me".


"I'm not sure the system we played was tyhe best for me. I'm not at my most effective running the channels and am better holding the ball up & linking play, but who am I to complain when I scored the amount of goals I did".


"Ultimately its made me a better player and I now have more to offer".


"There are other players at Ebbsfleet good enough for the League & centre back Ross Smith is certainly a league player in the making - I'm sure there will be interest in him and you never know it might even happen for him this year" (As Ross hasnt signed yet, does Charlie know something we dont?)



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I'm afraid that article just about confirms what we all knew since the end of last season. Sad to see him go, but his mind's obviously made up. Good luck to him for the future & let's hope Liam can get a good replacement for next season.

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Personally, I think Ross is at the level he should be at, at the moment, but Charlie was right in saying that he is a league player in the making. I hope Ross re-signs for us, he's a good geezer on and off the pitch, plus he works along side Rachel in the community stuff.

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Originally Posted By: ronin
Is he off to Southend?

I don't know where Charlie lives, but assuming he is fairly local he would not need to uproot his family. The local Southend press talk about someone who sounds very much like him.


Maybe we will get a friendly out of it !?!

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