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live earth

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complete and utter bollox of the highest order. those posers dont give a jean claude about the enviroment. if they did theyd give up flyin all over the globe to do world tours and start usin the bus when in town. yeah like that wood happen.


mind u dave groll from sum band called the food fighters done his bit by not gettin his haircut for wot looks like six months.


but lets face it. there is no global warmin. its a lie. its complete bull [****!!****]. so there woz a lot of rain two weeks ago. [****!!****] me this is england of course it bloody rains. it floods sumware every bloody year u stupid prats. we dont need sum clown from the institute of talking codswallop to tell us its all our fault and everyone will suffer. ive got news for u pal- were all gonna die anyway and the earth aint gettin warmer. in roman times they had vinyards at adrians wall. wot woz causin pollution then eh? go back to london in the 1700s and they used to hold funfairs on the frozen thames. the weather changes. get over it.


even if it woz true which it aint, wot do they fink we can do about it? plant a few trees and our carbon footprint will be in balance. yeah ok woteva. why not try takin on all those chinese factorys pumpin out shitloads of chemical crap into the atmosfear. no its easier to get middle class engalnd to bail the goverment again. lets tax the motorist and then squander all the mopney raised on half baked schemes while forgettin wot actually drains the cashpot- the benefits system.


yet another scare story with naff all substance to go with acid rain, cjd, hole in the ozone layer, bird flu, foot and mouth i could go on but youre probably board now


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