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Garry Hill's Barmy Army boom booom boom boom !

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Howdi saints fans.<p>Just surfing roungd the net & discovered your delightful quaint little forum !!<p>Such a shame to see a club such as yours in such trouble and all because one man namely Sir Garry Hill chose to leave you for essex's premier non league club !<p>Anyway all the best for the future, I do sincerly hope for your management to sort your club out and maybe one day we shall meet again in a friendly or something !<p>bye for now (a daggers fan!)<p>P.s - I'll never ever forget that game down at you place a couple of years back.

You were still seriously challenging for the promotion with us and we came to your ground and done you 3-1 !

Oooooooh what happy memories !

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