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Is the animosity too great to ever except MyFC ?

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With hard line views of the lifelong supporters being what they are, i just dont see how this will ever work.

The us versus them attitude is really disheartning to see on the forums. How will MyFC members be treated at matches,local pubs ?

perhaps time will settle things down some,but im not optimistic.It all reminds me of High school cliques.


Btw..Members,please stop calling yourselves "owners ".Really embaressing. " Tiny minority shareholder in a trust that owns club" is O.K, i guess smile

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I don't see how a "life long" fan will be dissapointed? you now get a chance to spend £35.00 and have a say in "Your" club so rather than just shouting you get to make a difference.




The 20,000 people that have parted with their money won't want the club to fail, they will want trophies and promotion like anyone else.




Think of all the Revenue from Shirt Sales and Ticket Sales etc... Ebbsfleet will have some of the best away support in the Lower leagues




You've not sold out to a Russian Gangster a Thai exile or The Goonies (LFC's)

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How do you know which views are being expressed by genuine lifelong supporters though fella?

Here is a little clue there seem to be more people on here opposing the deal than ever turn up to support us...another clue is that all the ones with 'urchin' in their name really are just that, very young criminals from Essex.

Some genuine fans are clearly very much against it, some are for it and a lot, like myself, are probably undecided but bloody worried.

You should note however that the people who are hard line against it are making a lot of posts repeating the same comments each time whereas the people who have expressed excitement at the prospect have tended to place one post saying 'I have joined MFC'.


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