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Northern Ireland Pyramid

Please note, due to limited resources this section is no longer being updated - our apologies

Links to the various league sections within Non League UK.

The pyramid structure in Northern Ireland was introduced in 2010-11. 

There is one senior league in Northern Ireland, the IFA Premiership. There six intermediate leagues/ divisions, the national IFA Championship first and second divisions, and then four regional leagues. Each of these offer promotion / relegation to other divisions in the pyramid.

Below the regional intermediate leagues are various junior leagues (amateur level rather than age)

Level League / Division
1 IFA Premiership
Danske Bank Premiership
2 IFA Championship 1
Belfast Telegraph Championship 1
3 IFA Championship 2
Belfast Telegraph Championship 2
4 Ballymena & Provincial Intermediate League
Premier Division
Mid-Ulster Football League
Intermediate A
Northern Amateur League
Premier Division
Northern Ireland Intermediate League
5   Mid-Ulster Football League
Intermediate B
Northern Amateur League
Division 1A
6     Northern Amateur League
Division 1B
7     Northern Amateur League
Division 1C

Updated 25th September 2012

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