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County FA Cups & Trophies

English football is divided in to multiple county FA's. Each of these counties run a number of cups & trophies each year.

These involve clubs of all levels, and will often see league clubs battling it out with non-league clubs whose players are postmen, office workers and stay at home fathers, rather than full time sportsmen. Some league clubs will play their reserves, but first team players are often involved.

All clubs are affiliated to a County FA, and as such must partake in the county competitions. However some counties allow clubs to skip the competition upon payment of a fine. Even the likes of Manchester United (Manchester Premier Cup) and Liverpool (Liverpool Senior Cup) partake.

We currently list the full fixtures and results from the following County FA's:

Berks & Bucks FA:- Berks & Bucks Senior Cup - 2014/15 | 2015/16
Essex FA:- Essex Senior Cup - 2014/15 | 2015/16
Gloucestershire FA:- Gloucestershire Senior Cup - 2014/15 | 2015/16
Hampshire FA:-
Hampshire Senior Cup - 2014/15 | 2015/16
Hunts FA:- Huntingdonshire Senior Cup - 2014/15 | 2015/16
London FA:- London Senior Cup - 2014/15 | 2015/16
Northamptonshire FA:- Hillier Senior Cup - 2014/15 | 2015/16
Sheffield & Hallamshire FA:- Sheffield & Hallamshire Senior Cup - 2014/15 | 2015/16
Shropshire FA:- Shropshire Senior Cup - 2014/15 | 2015/16
Somerset FA:- Somerset Premier Cup - 2014/15 | 2015/16
West Riding County FA:- West Riding County Cup - 2014/15 | 2015/16

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