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King on his way?

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offline Guest__*

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According to the Isthmian Fans website (www.nonleagueryman.net) Jeff King is reported to have said he'll resign if Canvey don't go up this season. He will quit on the day Gravesend win the league. This is stated on the main site and also on their messageboard, apparently reported on the Scorecheck.co.uk website.<p>Any truth?

offline David Holden

David Holden
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  • Location: Gravesend
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  • Foes: Dartford
The source for this is an e-mail from a Hotmail account!<p>Yeah right!

offline Guest__*

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As a Bedford fan it does not really concern me whether Jeff King leaves or not.<p>The point I would like to make is how the heck did King win Manager of the Month for February when our Roger Ashby went unnoticed. He has lifted the team from third bottom into almost the top half of the table in the last three or four weeks and deserves recognition.<p>We proved when we played you that on our day we can mix it with the best so you had better watch out next season (cos we know G&N should win the league now even though they lost on Monday). <p>EEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLEEEEEESSS!!!

offline Guest__*

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I didn't realise that Jeff King and Ray Cross were the same person! "Chairman/Manager"<p>When will people realise that it isn't JEFF King that puts the money into our club!!!<p>Now this is probably a load of bull, but if Jeff did decide to quit Canvey, then I doubt he will take his money to poxy Sarfend!<p>Quite right though, with Ray Cross as our Chairman and a different manager, (this is assuming the worst). Then we will have no funding.<p>Pumpkin images/icons/mad.gif" border="0<p>[ 15 March 2002: This message was edited by: Pumpkin ]</p>

offline Merv

  • First XI - Sub
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  • Supports: Bristol City
  • Foes: Chelmo Urghhhh....
It's quite a big responsibility being a webmaster. All sorts of rubbish gets posted on dicussion boards, that's part of the fun, but we have to be very careful deciding what to publish on our news pages. It is very important to make sure the source for a story is uttely reliable. Even simple news like a game being called off can lead to problems. If Frances or Keith emails one of our team @canveyfc.com with news that a game is off, we take it as gospel. If, on the other hand, we get a message from 'a well wisher' one of us immediately looks for confirmation and we wouldn't dream of publishing the cancellation until we have it.

That's why we were a bit surprised that nonleagueryman.net has chosen to post an article on their 'Latest News' page reporting that Chairman/Manager Jeff King (sic) has announced that he will resign on the day that Gravesend win the Premier Division title. Actually, what they say is, "It has been reported that..." which is a sneaky way of running a story as if it were true, but hiding behind the excuse that you were only repeating what had been reported, if you are ever called to substantiate the story. That's how the Sunday Sport gets away with the 'Elvis Seen Alive at Alton Towers' nonsense. When you look closely it was reported by a short sighted retard riding home on a bus in Droitwich. It is true that he reported the incident, not true that the singer is alive and well.

By posting this alleged story about Jeff King on their news page without giving any reliable sources, they are, in our opinion, being irresponsible in the extreme. Already discussion boards have picked up the story, assumed it contains some truth, and the myth is in danger of gaining momentum. Even Pumpkin has his doubts (see above).

IF the story is true, the CanveyFC.Com website will bring you the latest news, as it happens. The disadvantage of the internet newspage over the old fashioned ink and paper job is you can't even wrap your fish and chips in it the following day.

The Webmasters at CanveyFC.Com

offline Wilf

  • First XI - Sub's Bench
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Merv - <p>What people tend to write about us by way of unsubstantiated reports is unsurprising to say the least. A great pilosopher once said "Jealousy breeds c**p" and I think this site proves the theory better than most.
I stand to be corrected but I think that if you cut open either Jeff or Ray (not to mention the rest of the Rods and Frances's of this world), you would see "Canvey Island FC" in BIG, BIG letters running through them.<p>No, what AMAZES me is that an intellectual such as yourself will admit in print to knowing what the Sunday Sport reports on! Surely it was a misprint. For the sake of my faith in human nature, tell me you meant to put "The Guardian".<p>[ 16 March 2002: This message was edited by: Wilf ]</p>

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