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Welcome to St. Albans City!!

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Hi,<p>We are pleased to announce that St. Albans City have now joined Non League Forums.<p>You can reach their board via the pull down menus.<p>When you go to their board, you will notice that it appears different, this is so that it can blend in with their frame system on their web site.<p>To reach the rest of the site from their board, you will need to use the static links towards the top of each page.<p>Now - creating their board has highlighted a major problem with the pull down menus - they will not work in 100% frames, as SACFC are using.<p>Therefore this will mean potential problems - I will look into a solution for this so that people viewing the site from SACFC site, will not be adversly affected. If you are stuck in a frame and wish to see the full menus, please open up a new window for the time being.<p>Regards,<p>Admin.

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