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Player Database Updates - 9th March


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The following player profiles have been created or modified today:


L. Fletcher - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1096

Peter Fear - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1375

Lyn Evans - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1170

Colin Endersby - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/350

Martin Elguezabel - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1206

Dennis Edwards - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/452

Ken Driver - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1066

John Delaney - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/998

Alan Davis - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/93

Les Davey - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1151

Jock Cunningham - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/979

Alan Cox - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/92

Sammy Cowan - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1568

Peter Costen - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1372

Mick Cooper - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1235

Jim Cooley - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/951

Roger Connell - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1507

Bob Stevens - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/233

Johnny Willis - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1022

Peter Wright - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1399

Colin Casemore - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/348

Pat Cassidy - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1337

Alan Clark - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/91

John Clements - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/995

William Coenan - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1934


Thanks to David Hillier for the information for the above players. Plenty more to follow!

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Some further updates today with the following players now having pictures on their profile on the site:


Alan Binfield - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/89

Alan Mitchell - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/98

Bobby Dearlove - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/228

Colin Bell - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/347

Dave Lummes - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/416

Jeff Hammond - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/944

John Davies - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/997

John Delaney - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/998

John Wilks - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1021

Ken Wallis - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1070

Micky Burnham - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1245

Micky Woodford - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1262

Peter Lowen - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1387

Roy Nairn - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1539

Stan Lovell - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1598

Terry Wise - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1690

Tony Broadbridge - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1720

Vic Pickett - http://www.sloughtownfc.net/profile/1892


Lots and lots of written information to be added to the above and plenty of new profiles also. I'll provide updates as they are added accordingly, but I think we've currently got around 210 profiles to write up and add and that is just from the information available to hand at present.


In addition to this, we have 184 reports from between 1976 and 1980 which will be added in due course.


As always, we welcome the feedback and any further information or photos would be greatfully received.

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