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C.I.F.C. v G.and N.

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ok boys, enough of this f.a. cup piffle, its time for the important stuff.. this tuesday night sees one of the most important league games of the season so far.. whilst its too early in the season and the teams are too close for it to be a real decider.. a win for canvey sees a nice gap open up.. a win for the fleet and they move a point clear (presuming their game in hand goes to form).. both teams meet again a month later which will probably be the more important game..

who will win..? are canvey going to suffer from burnley blues? will their injury problems be too much ?....G and N arn't playing as well as they have been but are still grinding out the 3 pointers, will they be happy with a draw? is che stadhart fit again?... i've put in a poll but no canvey and fleet fans please!! so we can see what the rest of the guys reckon <img src="graemlins/images/icons/confused.gif" border="0" alt="confused" />

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