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Sittingbourne away - KSC

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I know its early but is there much interest in this fixture?


Forgive my ignorance concerning the Kent Senior Cup but I remember Sittingbourne used to be the local derby back in the old days.


Is there Ground near the Town Centre??

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Probably not much interest. We've tended to overlook the KSC since we obviously got bored of winning it....(?!)

Or maybe just being in the Conference means we have bigger fish to fry? Not for me to say.....but I'd like to think that these games are an ideal opportunity for some 'minor' tinkering and as good old fashioned morale boosters.

I haven't been to S*ittingbourne since Cotter dispatched Ullathorne's cross with that Van Basten-esque volley! BOOF! as Alan Partridge might add!

Might be worth a visit just to giggle at their disintegrated hopes and dreams as they now play on one of the old training pitches rather than the pompous stadium they had built!

Manchester United of Non-league.......? PAH!!

Anyway, enough of my waffle, there's a link HERE to their website. The ground's at the edge of the Eurolink Ind Est about 2 miles from the station


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