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Margate Appoint Former Wolves Man As Chief Exec

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Margate have appointed Commercial Manager Chris Pope as their new chief executive.

Pope joined the club in September and will now step up to replace Ivan Laslett as the club's CEO.

Pope has a wealth of experience in football, having also worked at Football League clubs Wolverhampton Wanderers, Birmingham City and Leyton Orient.

Chairman Bob Laslett said: "Chris has been fantastic since he joined us in September.

"He has worked in football since the age of 23 and he has worked for some big characters in the game.

"All the while he has been at Margate he has worked tirelessly to move us forward and I think by announcing him as CEO we can continue to expect great things at Margate FC.

"Nevertheless a lot of thanks must go to my brother Ivan who helped me non-stop and continues to do so in getting us to where we are now which is in a much better state than

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