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Ashton Town welcome special guests

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NWCFL club Ashton Town hosted some special guests for their home game against Atherton Collieries on Saturday.

Chairman Mark Hayes organised a visit to the game for 30 patients at Mossley Hill Hospital in Merseyside, who are suffering from dementia.

As Mark explained, the condition is something that is close to his heart, as he had experience of caring for his grandmother when she suffered from the condition.

Mark said: "I may only be at little Ashton Town, but whatever I can give back to the community, then I will give.

“The hospital commented that Everton have recently been announced as the first dementia friendly football club, but I see no reason why I can't get us to be the second.

“The smiles on the people’s faces were priceless on Saturday afternoon, and also pretty emotional as I could relate it to the troubles we had as a family with my Gran.

“I spent all of the second half with my new mate Charles Hall. Charles was a class 1 referee in his day and it was wonderful to hear his stories and to spend time with him".

Pauline Robertson from Mossley Hill Hospital said: "We can't thank Mark enough. Not only did he arrange the whole day but he bought everyone food and drink out of his own pocket.

“We have had really positive comments about our trip to Ashton Town, especially from two of our younger service users who only recently gave up playing football. We also had two ex-referees who were very animated talking about their experiences ‘in the old days’”.

Source: www.nwcfl.com

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