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Towners write to Ryman League clubs for support with ineligible player charge

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The Board of Enfield Town has written to other Ryman Clubs in order to explain our position and propose ways forward.

From Enfield Town FC Board to Ryman Football League Premier Division Clubs 24/4/15:

You may be aware that our Club has been found guilty by the FA of fielding a player whilst ineligible. The Ryman League has been sympathetic to our position, as have many other Clubs and we thank them for their support.

The circumstances of this case could have a significant impact on our game. It is the view of Enfield Town FC that the FA disciplinary system is not fit for purpose and that, consequently, any player checks made on the FA’s system by your Club Secretary cannot be relied upon.

We are very aware that the timing of this situation has resulted in a great deal of uncertainty. This has been a very competitive season in the Ryman League Premier Division and we, like many other Clubs, were looking forward to the final league games.

It is our belief that football matters should be settled on the field of play and not in the Courts. We have therefore put to the Ryman League a number of proposals to resolve this matter:

Proposal 1:
League Rule 6.9 provides that the game that is subject to the points deduction be replayed. We are prepared to replay our home game v Hendon.

Proposal 2:
At this current time we have yet to receive the FA’s written reasons for their decision. An appeal will then take further time to arrange and it is likely this will jeopardise the play-offs taking place. We have proposed that due to the late notification by the FA the 3 points are deducted for next season. This allows our Club to properly prepare for the appeal.

Proposal 3:
The League Rule 6.9 states “Any Club found to have played an ineligible player in a match shall have any points gained from that match deducted from its record and have levied upon it a fine” We propose a rule change to replace the word “shall” with “may”. This will allow discretion to be given in considering the charge and will be for the benefit of all Clubs particularly when they are at the mercy of a system that is not fit for purpose. If such a change can be agreed by all Clubs then our Club would abide by the Ryman League decision.

The League has been supportive but considers that there are practical difficulties with all 3 proposals. We have sent this message because we want to assure you we are trying our utmost in working with the League to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Source: www.enfieldtownfootballclub.co.uk

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