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Training ground boost for Gulls

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Torquay United chairman David Phillips has issued the following statement regarding a new training ground.

Phillips said: "Torquay United Football Club is proud to announce that we have signed a deal for a new training ground for the club at The Torquay Academy, Cricketfield Road, Torquay.

"We have been sharing our training facilities at Seale Hayne, which is the other side of Newton Abbot. After sharing the space this season with Plymouth Argyle Football Club, it has been no secret that we have had issues with drainage and other technicalities.

"The training set-up is paramount to the success of any club and we feel now that we are resident in Torquay, just a few miles from the ground, this will be a huge step up for the club - including time and financial savings!

"Well done to all involved in making this happen and I look forward to a long-standing, positive association which can only enhance the Academy, the club and most importantly, the community."

Player-manager, Kevin Nicholson added: "The news that we are going to be linking up with Torquay Academy is very exciting on a number of levels. First of all it gives hope to all those young footballers out there with their local club, Torquay United.

"This association gives talented young men a chance to improve as both footballers and people in a fantastic environment with great facilities, while furthering their academic career at the same time.

"The boys who stand out will have a chance to train with our first-team and see what they're really made of and that can only be a positive thing for themselves and other aspiring footballers from the local area.

"The link-up will allow Torquay Academy to play in a better standard of football and test themselves against a higher calibre of player, which is always a fantastic way to improve and they will also have the chance to play some games at The Launa Windows Stadium, which must be a real draw and great experience for the lads.

"On the flip side it also means that Torquay United will be able to use the brilliant facilities at Torquay Academy for training and working towards improving our league position and performances. The facilities that will be at our disposal include a full-size training pitch and 3G all-weather facilities, plus many other positive advantages for Torquay United.

"To have those facilities in Torquay is what you really want and gives us a great opportunity to just concentrate on improving and training from a solid foundation.

"It is a win-win situation for all involved and we are very proud to be associated with Torquay Academy going forward.

"I'm excited to see how quickly we can find that hidden gem who steps up and makes their mark on the first-team stage."

Steve Margetts, Principal of the Torquay Academy continued: “We are delighted to partner our combined skills and community interests with Torquay United Football Club. Myself and my colleagues look forward to building a strong, ongoing relationship with the club.”

Source: www.footballconference.co.uk

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