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Linnets supporters rally to assist Colne

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Supporters from Runcorn Linnets have rallied to the assistance of Colne, after the XCLR Stadium was subjected to another break in over the weekend of Saturday 2nd January.

After prising off metal sheeting to the cafe, the offenders smashed their way into the clubhouse, making off with unopened bottles of spirits which they wheeled away in bins.

They also cooked burgers on a griddle before leaving a "thank you" note scribbled on the wall.

After hearing of the break in, a group of Linnets fans contacted Colne through Facebook to offer their sympathies and to let them know they were going to donate some items to help in restocking the clubhouse.

Colne's Ben Metcalfe explained: "Three Linnets supporters turned up last Thursday evening after driving from Runcorn, met myself and David Craig at the club and donated spirits, cider, lager, chocolate and crisps.

"We have also had countless offers of help from security companies offering CCTV and alarm systems, or just offers of help in general.

"Colne Tyre Centre messaged us immediately offering their assistance, but we had that many volunteers arrive at the club almost instantly, there would have been a full house at the club!

"Our reserve team goalkeeper Stuart Cross off his own back created a crowd funding page, which has generated over £1000 in donations.

"I used to watch quite a lot of league football, but became disillusioned so I joined the revolution at Colne FC, and this is the exact reason why I did it.

"The passion, the hard work, the volunteers, the supporters, the friends you make home and away and visiting towns you've never heard of in an exciting Vase game.

"On behalf of everybody at Colne FC, we are truly humbled by the supporters of Runcorn Linnets, and I think this shows how great our non-league family really is".

Source: www.nwcfl.com

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