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NWCFL release statement on fixture complaint

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Since Saturday afternoon, there has been considerable debate on social media regarding the condition of the pitch for the game between Ashton Athletic and Alsager Town at Brocstedes Park, and the referee's decision to play the game.

The League Management Committee wish to make the following statement regarding action taken in the aftermath of the game.

League Management Committee members were present at the game, and have submitted their comments and some photographs of the pitch to the League Secretary.

Photographs from other social media outlets have also been highlighted for review.

A complaint has been sent by both clubs to the League Secretary regarding the decision to play the game, and a statement has also been received from an official of St Helens Town who attended the game.

From submissions received, we are led to believe the pitch has suffered a good deal of damage and it is already clear that St. Helens Town’s scheduled game in Division One with Hanley Town on Tuesday night will not be able to go ahead.

During the next few days, a decision may also have to be made to reschedule the next fixture due at Brocstedes Park, which is another home game for St Helens Town against Whitchurch Alport on Saturday 27th February.

The League Secretary has submitted a complaint, and the various reports and photographs received from all parties, to the FA as they are the Appointing Authority, and will now await a response from the Referee's Department.

Source: nwcfl.com

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