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Premier League Highlights & Review Matchday 2016/2017

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The English Premier League is the most watched football league in the world. It is the richest of all league with an estimated revenue of arround $3,5 billion for the 2007-08 season. It is the 1st tier of English football and it comprises of 20 teams. All 20 teams play each other twice in each season, once home and once away, making it total of 38 games per team in a season. The football season starts in August every year and end in May of the following year. Presently the Barclays bank is the main sponsor of the premier league and hence it is officially known as the Barclays Premier League (BPL).

The league is based on a system of promotion and relegation. At the end of each season, the botton 3 eams in the BPL are relegated to the football league championship, which is the 2nd tier of English football and 3 teams from there come up to the primier league. The premier League was founded on 20th February 1992 and before that it was known as the football league first division. This came about because the clubs in the old division decided to break away from the football league, which was founded in 1988, to take advantage of a lucrative television rights deal.

BPL Highlights and Review Matchday 6 season 2016/2017 :

Arsenal vs Chelsea (3 - 0)

Manchester United vs Leicester City (4 - 1)

Liverpool vs Hull City (5 - 1)

Swansea City vs Manchester City (1 - 3)

Sunderland vs Crystal Palace (2 - 3)

Stoke City vs West Bromwich Albion (1 - 1)

Middlesbrough vs Tottenham Hotspur (1 - 2)

Bournemouth vs Everton (1 - 0)

To see details review and highlights goals, click on list above.

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