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Guest Massimo181

Looking for some Urgent Help

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Guest Massimo181



I am looking for help if anyone can maybe a long shot. 


If anyone knows a person called Mr Salter who lives in 9 Rossiter house, Manor Rd, Brackley. 


A parcel was delivered to him yesterday and does not belong to him, it is my sons Christmas

Presents and was delivered to his house by accident. He has signed for the parcel and kept

it and it clearly has my sons name, address details of where the parcel should be and telephone

number basically all the correct details for delivery in Oxford. The Brackley address was put on

by mistake by his Grandmother and the correct address was on the paperwork buy Parcelforce

delivered to the parcel address. Mr Salter signed for the parcel and has kept it without passing 

it onto the correct address and my son. 


I know it is a long shot but would really make my son happy if he has his Christmas presents

and Mr Salter does the right thing and contact my son's Mother. All the details are on the 



If there is anyone that can help I would be really appreciative. 


Thanks in advance.  

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