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whilst you are all plotting the downfall of capatalist society from the comfort of your tax payer funded nice warm bedsits , check tonights documentary on the miners strike 20 years ago.. im not sure if its a repeat of what i watched at the weekend, but if its half as good it will show you young soft namby pambys who think moving a crash barrier is a civil disturbance what it is really all about..

and for all us thatcherites it will show how to police said disturbance..


must confess i felt a bit sorry for the miners at the end, led by an [****!!****] into a trap set by experts, great t.v

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not too sure who ure addressing their Canv on a non-league message board

but suffice to say


it was civil war to a certain degree and their was only gonna be one winner, if the police break the laws of the land is that acceptable in a democracy


hardly a trap set by experts,

Golden rule of striking, do it when it will have the maximium effect

ie dont go on strike in the middle of summer lol

however true great tv but done to death many a time already....



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your new.. this message board has nothing to do with non league trust me..


the miners where fked when they went on strike without holding a national ballot thus breaking the laws of the land ..


maybe not experts by todays standards but certainly ahead of the game then.. they had been stockpiling coal in secret for 18 months and were ready to import loads as well, they were waiting for sargill and he strolled into it, and ignored a couple of golden oppertunities to get out of it with some degree of integrity.. he chose total defeat and oblivion for the mining industry..


great use of the hit songs of the day to take you back in time..


50 plus yr old miners just standing there as the met riot police charged em cos they didnt believe the police force of the country they had fought for in the war would really hit them... wrong! very sad indeed...


the younger guys with experience of football violence etc knew what was coming..


and the final trap set in nottinghamshire? all summer thousands of flying pickets had been prevented from moving around the country, then when they go for the big one they cant believe how easy it was to get there, all herded into one place for the mother of all shoeings

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very well put Canv

tho' you got in right in your first post "led by an [****!!****]", a glorious opportunity to overthrow the milk snatcher

correct on the stockpiling, dealing with communists in eastern places what us, never...lol

as for oblivion it was the begining of the end anyway

supply& demand/market forces etc etc



wally hope

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