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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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Spoon Players United in the Nationwide Conference

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...or S.P.U.N.C, are proud to hear your interest in spoons.

Hank Beverage III, President of Spoon Players United and Known Internationally [or S.P.U.K.I.] says:
"Yeeeaaahhaa!!!! Keep playin' dem spoons boys. It's a whole lot of bangin' going on..."

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Brian WifesKnickers-McGill, Chairman of the Spoon Players Eastern Division [S.P.U.E.D] would like to say:
"Jolly good show chaps. Let's all rally round and show the plucky opposition what you lads can do"

Arthur Seargent D.C.O [Drinks Cider Occasionally]with BAR, congratulated GNFC supporters for their innovatory supporting techniques:
"I never got where I was today without whipping out my spoons every now and then".

Unfortunately, Eric Clapton of Slow Hand Is Techincally Superb [or, S.H.I.T.S] was unavailable for comment...

Now...where did I put my jelly...?

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