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under 18s ingilby cup final


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I could of swore there was a track there, but have not been there since the early 80's. We had a 10K race that finished there. (Saw an Essex Senior League Game can't remember who the oppo was, it was a Tuesday Night)


As the man says, from the seafront go past the Kursal head towards Thorpe Bay / Shoeburyness.


It used to be, don't know if it still is that you had one grand stand bit old and run down, large though. You have bushes where the road goes round the ground where you can see over it and see the pitch, not that i am suggesting you do this as Southend Manor probably need every penny they can get.


Billy, Did they used to have a running track, I would of bet money on it. I can't be going gaga just yet, can I?


Oh Southchurch Park, is also where Essex play county cricket when they do their touring weeks, don't know much about it, but it is behind the Football ground. (Cant stand Cricket)


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The U18's today won the Ingilby Cup at Southend Manor against Witham Town.

Full credit to Johnny Lawrence, Alan and Paul for this piece of silverware to display in our clubhouse.

Played in a gale force wind, the game was never going to be very pretty, and I heard many a comment " It's a game of two halves".

With the wind against us in the first half, we created one or two chances from free kicks, but more importantly kept the Witham attack at bay in preparation for the second half.

We came out "all guns blazing" after half time, Tony Maynard and Reagan Panzu having half chances but it was left to my Man of the Match and the Urchins Skipper, Sam Williams to head home from a Jeff Shepherd corner and a decisive moment in the encounter.

Good performances all round in what was a battle from start to finish, but all credit to both teams and indeed to the travelling Urchin hordes.

The presentations were made in the bar afterwards as there was no chance outside!

Well done lads !!

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