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The wealthy football club chairman

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A wealthy football club chairman is about to die and calls the men he mosts trust to his bedside. These being his solicitor, his doctor his orthodox priest and his club secretary.
He gives each of them a million pounds cash with the instruction that the money be put in his coffin when he dies so that he can take the money with him. Eventually he dies and goes to where fatcat football club chairmen go.
After the funeral all four meet in the bar to drink to his parting.
His solicitor anounced that all the money before the £100,000 expenses had been carefully put in the coffin and buried with him. His doctor confessed that actually he had buried all the money except the £150,000 he was owed for his private healthcare. His Orthodox priest confessed he had buried him with all the money less the £200,000 cost of the lavish/expensive funeral. His club Secretary was horrified at all the way the other three had grabed their expenses and explained that he had not taken a penny of the money but ensured that he was buried with a cheque for the whole million!

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