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W*****e Wanderers v The Rebels


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The extract below was written by the WW Club secretary in a programme for a pre-seaon friendly against Millwall shortly after they played Chesham and Beaconsfield in other pre-season games at the start of this season.


I thought I'd share it with everyone to demonstrate what WW have turned into - yet another club who are obsessed with their own self importance and who clearly have forgotten their very recent roots. Thank you for reminding me why I loathe so much about professional football. Enjoy......



"Beaconsfield's ground is a fine example of a 'loved' non-league ground, neat and tidy with good facilities, reasonably priced beer, terraces with crush barriers, adequate stand and tea bar.


But we were not there for the beer and the playing surface was left with excessively long grass covering an uneven surface, which at best difficult and at worst positively dangerous. Five days later Chesham United's playing surface was little better and at the time of writing Nathan Tyson has not played since being taken off at the end of the first half.


Neither pitch was was extremely bad, but for whatever reason the groundsmen involved had chosen to leave the grass extremely long, making the whole exercise pointless from a pure football point of view.


The moral of this story is that we recognise our responsibility to play local clubs pre-season but we are a professional football club and we must be given reasonable playing surfaces on which to play.....with grass cut to a sensible playing length"


All together now......ahhhh, poor little over-pampered scumbags!

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