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mfc: Stadium Gallery / mfc: media

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mfc has just updated the stadium development gallery at http://stadium.margate-fc.com to show the final top soil awaiting distribution.


mfc: media is also pleased to release a video of the ground as it looks now, and with the final top soil- follow the link on the left under the Stadium Development Icon from the homepage at http://www.margate-fc.com



www.margate-fc.com & www.margatefc.co.uk - mfc: online

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Turf coming soon, I will be sooooo happy to see the pitch turn green!

Cheers for the update.

And to think some of the anonymous sceptics were saying only a short time ago that this was not going to happen. What else did they get/are they getting wrong? Apart from everything, that is.

Onwards and upwards MFC!

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No, I did not support Canterbury, I have only ever supported Margate. I was just sad that a town that once used to have a football club lost theirs, plus I used to live there so I knew what had happened to them.

A town that loses its football club loses a bit of its soul, that is why it is not only in my interest, but in that of the residents of Margate, to do everything in our power to ensure the survival of our club. If it were gone it would be pretty hard to get it back, so I am quite prepared to get whatever bits of underwear are at hand in a twist to do what I can to prevent it going.

Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune there may be to fight on an ongoing basis - so be it - but at the end of the day I still have faith we will prevail.

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