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Just been on the website Thanet Life. I think someone posted a few months ago that it had photos of the ground under construction. well there are more photos of the ground completed and there are quite impressive. It would make a great feature for one of the programme covers if the editor could get permission. Go into the site and onto the right of the screen and it says Thanet from above. Click on it and there are some photos of the construction and the completed stadium at the end. Click to enlarge. i think the address is


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Good to see you liked the photos.


Yeah that was me who mentioned that. Its a good site, with a lot of photos of Hartsdown Parks reconstruction. During the Maldon Town game a plane came overhead. Its very likely that that was the websites owner, Simon Moores, who is a pilot at Manston and said he might fly over during the game. Hes a keen photographer and has a real passion for anything Thanet related. He was only too happy to remind the readership that the Maldon Town game was happening.


I doubt he will have any problems at all with his photos being used. I think he would feel rather chuffed to have a photo of his shown to other people.

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The photos of the football ground are free. If you would like a hi-resolution shot.. useful for a magazine cover or a screen saver, then please email @editor@thanetlife.com and I'll send the photo of the football ground you want.. just give me it's reference number or tag



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