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hiya lads

when canvey came up to burnley last year your guys did you lot proud, we were very impressed, and it takes a lot to impress us! we all said you should have been in the confrence this year and i was shocked when my girlfriend (who happens to live in canvey) told me you werent (as she doesn't know much on footy i checked up for self).

so really i was just wondering how come you are lingering in mid table, have you off loaded some players? or you just not playin well? also i must say i feel sorry for you lads not gettin throught othe fa cup proper, i was kinda hopein you would do well again.

all the best i look forward to some replies (hopefully)

all the bast

blackburn claret

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A few very infulential players have left / retired from Football this season and we are undergoing a major revamp at the club. At present we seem to only pay well for half the game and a little bit of good fortune has eluded us at the times when you need it most.


We are still in touching distance but need to put together a 10 - 12 match unbeaten run in the league with at least 8 being wins and I would believe we would be in the top 2.


I see that you have also turned the corner from a slow start and are pushing up the league..


Good luck for the remainder of the season



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From my perspective as a relatively new follower. We have just not managed to gel this season. We have certainly lost some quality players; but in fairness we have gained equally. All the ingredients are still there, but little gunpowder being produced. Brilliant result for you lot against TH, I remember the atmosphere at Turfmoor & the respect you showed us !



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cheers lads i appriciate the replies. In reponse to CANV's post we all said at the begining of the season we would be struggling to get in the play offs especially after ITV ran off with our millions (if we had millions but defently alot) but stranger things have happened so you never know.

well good luck for the rest of the season ill be looking out for you and i might for the blackburn branch of canvey fans!

but for the time being good luck and am sure you'll be in the confrence soon, then on from there maybe!



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