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A few questions...


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[1] Can anyone confirm/deny the speculation regarding Alan Thorne offering an extension of the Wexham Park lease now that plans for a new stadium are now dead?


[2] How many promotion spots are available this season from the Ryman 1st North Division to the Ryman Premier given that we are now also in competition with the Southern Division?


[3] When will Steve Daly return?


[4] Where has Simon Patterson gone?


[5] When is the B&B game at Maidenhead United? (I need time to buy a bucket/spade and shovel)

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Cannot answer much although I suspect Simon Patterson is back at Vicarage Road. The Wingate & Finchley game, where he was the recipient of a fairly 'robust' challenge shortly after coming on, was 15th October. So even if he wasn't crocked as a result of that game his loan spell would have come to an end anyway.

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Patterson has gone back to Watford with an injury (thank goodness!). Didn't rate him as he seemed to have totally the wrong attitude whilst he was with us anyway.


I've heard nothing on the lease as yet, but will put the questions forward tomorrow when I speak with Roy and see what he says.


As for the promotion relegation, four come down from the Premier and two each from North and South come up into the Premier (ground gradings permitting - ours is still ok)


Steve Daly is about 2-3 weeks away from full fitness. Spoke with him before the game against Wycombe and that was his thoughts on the timing of his return.


Simon Ullathorne left the club over the summer after showing the wrong attitude during the latter end of the season behind the scenes I believe. Steve Browne (correctly in my opinion) thought he was a bad influence in the dressing room and rightfully got rid of him. His striking replacements, Boot, Winston & Hale, are all better than him in all respects.


No fixed date on the B&B Cup game as yet but it has to be played on or before the 4th November.

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