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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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York City

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Interesting stuff. This is taken of the Sports Interactive website, the makers of Championship Manager.<p>----------<p>Save York City - SI lend their support!!

February 12th, 2002 @ 09:16

Sports Interactive are putting their weight behind a campaign to help save York City football club and are sponsoring an 11-a-side tournament between 16 teams on Hackney Marshes. The tournament will be held on the 24th Feb 2002 and will see teams from Watford, Luton, Sky Sports etc battle it out. Visit the site http://www.saveyork.co.uk/ <p>----------<p>Had a brief look at the site. Could be interesting for SACFC fans to 'borrow' a few ideas. You know, just like Buzz Lightyear is 'borrowing' the red tractor, the tea urn, the P.A. system etc.<p>http://www.saveyork.co.uk

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