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ha ha ha...or it should be


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was that last post an advertisment for a player??...anyway...on to more pertinent matters for a rainy footieless tueasday afternoon...


three men were awaiting execution by firing squad in the condemned cells from which the site of their forthcoming ordeal couuld be clearly seen....

The first...an Englishman, was taken out and stood up against the wall. As the firing squad raised their rifles, he suddenly shouted ''Avalanche'' at the top of his voice. The firing squad looked around in alarm, threw down their rifles and turned and ran for safety..... taking advantage of this momentary chaos, the Englishman legged it away from the wall and escaped....

The second condemned man, a Scotsman, witnessing the effect of this ploy..... copied suit when his turn came and shouted ''Flood'' at the top of his voice, again there was momentary confusion and the Scotsman duly scarpered away across the parade ground to safety.....

The third man, an Irishman, impressed with the initiative shown by his two colleagues and determined to follow them to safety, was duly led out to the wall, as the rifles were raised and the soldiers fingers curled around the trigger, he shouted ''Fire''

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