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Pensions and Labour/The BBC

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I posted the item below on the BBC UK Today forum in response to an item of debate on government pensions policy, it was kicked in to touch for being off-topic?



Several new postings reference pensions of late and for me there is a basic question or situation of moral decency to be answered.

We must budget for the sick the young and the old before we decide on what we would “like” to develop.

The government is our executive board of managers and as such have a moral responsibility to ensure the sick; the young and the old come first.

This government with my support and the support of all reasonable people decided that it is morally correct that eighteen year olds should qualify for the minimum wage to allow that they could live a reasonable life including have a certain degree of social activity.

Pensioners today have made maybe 50 years of positive contribution to the common financial pot.

All above would indicate that pensioners have the same moral right to a basic pension that equates to the minimum wage.



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waste of time speakin to the bbc theyve got the brownest noses of all the media in there opinion u shood just shut up and watch strictly cun dancin or woteva celebrity bollox theyve gotta offer. they dont like people who criticise the pc brigade or new labour look at the way they tore down clarkson coz he called a car gay.


anyway your rite shood sort our own probs out before wastin dosh on the olympics, iraq war, id cards blah blah blah

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The problem is it's a long term problem and government don't look passed the next election.


Saying we are going to tax you now so you'll all be better off in future isn't a vote winner.


Personally, I think private pensions are a rip off and still lack transparency.

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