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So, To Summarize...

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It certainly has been a busy few days on the messageboard - funny how it ebbs and flows. It has to be said that Aldershot and Kingston fans having their little love-in is good to see. Brings out the hippy in me. Seems like the whole thing was and has been blown out of all proportion, even if it nice to be described as a sixth former (I'm 30 this year).<p>The bottom line, so far as I can see, is this: ludicrous incident involving beer and cider (but, might I add, no violence whatsoever) - no harm done to anybody, either in the long-term or short-term. End of story. Followed up with oblique threats of violence made by various City supporters on various messageboards, but let's face it - these sort of people are just looking for an excuse. <p>Interesting to hear that I've been banned from Clarence Park. I presume that someone at Kingstonian, Aldershot, wherever, is trying to stoke up trouble of some sort in the future. Yawn.<p>There were no threats made by anybody towards anybody on Saturday, and don't let anyone try to persuade you any differently.

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