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gary chappell

Paul Stephens

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Have just spoken to Gary, who accepts that his story contains factual inaccuracies.

He holds his hands up to the fact that factual inaccuracies slipped past in the rush to meet the deadline.


Pity that it happened, but he went to the touble of calling me back, and is big enough to admit he was wrong and not put the blame on anyone else.

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Fair play to Gary. As we've all see, some things that do go into print are errors (The match report against Hertford in the Thame programme anyone <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />)


It is nice to see them continually sending a reporter to cover games again now though as they certainlly weren't on the back end of last season.

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Just to keep everyone up to speed...


The Observer website has been updated today, and acknowledges the inaccuracy:


[color:"purple"] FURTHER to a report in today's Observer that states Slough Town Football Club is on an unbeaten run of 10 games.


This is incorrect. The Rebels have lost twice in their last 10 games in the Ryman League Division One North compared with an Arlesey Town side who has won just three times in their last 10 league games.


Slough Town's home form suggests the club is more than capable of promotion to the Ryman Premier League this season. They have lost only once in the league at home so far this term.


THE Rebels can hit the dizzy heights of third in the league tomorrow if they beat Arlesey Town and Wealdstone and Hemel Hempstead lose.


The victory will leave Slough Town on 53 points from 29 games played and, let’s be honest, a win is expected.



(...etc. It carries on in much the same style.)


See http://www.sloughobserver.co.uk/chron/sports.htm for full report.


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I think everyone named Gary is having a bit of a hard time just now. Gary Chappell certainly is, as his corrected artricle contains more factual errors---nothing too serious, but there's nothing like getting your facts right.

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