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Stars in their eyes......

Mersea Pete

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A young man in a wheelchair rolls onto the stage, and

Matthew Kelly introduces him as Simon.

Matthew say's " It's very brave you coming out here in your

wheelchair Simon, can you tell the audience what


Simon answered, " About a year ago, I was driving with my

uncle when we had a really big accident. Unfortunately, my

uncle was killed outright, but I survived, trapped in the car

for 6 hours and had to be cut free. The doctors had me in

surgery for 12 hours, but they couldn't save my legs."

Matthew says " That's terrible, but I see you have legs now,

are they artificial?"

Simon says, " No, Matthew, whilst in hospital, the doctors

advised me that the uncle who had been in the car with me

had passed away, and that his legs were fine, and that with

all the advances in medical science, they could graft his legs

onto my body. I have been having physiotherapy for 6

months, and I hope to be walking again by the end of the


Matthew says " That's fantastic Simon. So, who are you going

to be?"

Simon says " Tonight Matthew I am going to be..........





( wait for it)




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