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Loan deals??


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With such teams as Swifts and Braintree suffering both performance and money wise I wondered why some of our first team squad seen playing for the reserves this week have not been offered out on loan to ease the cost on Jeff.

With players who would make most other premier sides such as ,D.Greggors,Forbsie, Crow,Johnson etc I imagine those sides would be only too eager to strike up a reasonable deal whilst giving those lads a chance to get back in the shop window

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Never mind the players, I wonder if we shouldn't loan out some of our supporters. I mean, look at poor old Purfleet, Heybridge, Ford and Braintree. Pathetic home attendances. It wouldn't cost those clubs too much to bus a few Canvey supporters in whenever we don't have a game. Coach, few beers, burger and admission price - it wouldn't cost them too much and they could make an enormous difference to their average home attendance, plus keep our fans busy when there is no footy at The Lane.

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But how would our lads cope with the warmer climates and milder company


The one serious viewpoint Merv is that it becomes more obvious with the passing weeks that a substantial number of the squad will not be offered terms next year or would not accept terms next season


For extended periods this season they have been out of the shop window and correctly it is not the clubs problem to consider those players but a decent loan deal does at least put them back on show


With seventeen games left (circa) the situation will turn around for odd individuals, Dobinson for instance has got back in the team only very recently after looking to be out of it for ever


As I said earlier it is not a problem for the club but certainly a problem for some of the lads who depend on the extra monies




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