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September 11th - The truth out exculusive for the St.Albans City Website!

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Just thought I'd let you the St.Albans fans know the truth about September 11th first, the attack was known about and planned by various elements of the U.S. government before 9/11 and was allowed to take place in order to bring about certain conditions, including the suspension of guaranteed civil liberties. Secondly is that bin Laden and al Queda based in Afghanistan are not completly

responsible for the attack as those supporting, funding and protecting them are not based in Afghanistan but are in fact closely connected to the Bush administration and to the allies President Bush has taken. Thirdly, a U.S. built oil pipeline through

Afghanistan which has been in the planning stages for more than a decade is the real goal of this war and that a U.S. invasion

of Afghanistan was in the works long before September 11th. Just thought I'd clear it up!

Don't tell reuters, you're onto a scoop here!

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