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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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Kingstonian apply for administraion

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The following statement has been issued by Kingstonian Football Club yeaterday afternoon<P>--------------<P>Whilst the Board of Kingstonian Football Club is still actively pursuing ways of ensuring the Club's future, it has decided to apply to take the Company into formal Administration with immediate effect. <P>This will assist the Club in its financial situation and enable it to continue to operate whilst the best available solution is found. <P>Alan Kingston<P>----------<P>Let's hope that they can sort things out.

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Off pitch running of clubs is more important than on pitch. Its a business and a really odd sort of business it is. We pay players wages beyond all commercial reality to their real value. They are there for their entertainment value, the more they win/lose the more we are satisfied/dissatisfied. <BR>Compare these entertainers to actors in a theatre. If the public are not turning out and paying at the boxoffice do the producers of the show keeping running it at a loss for their own fun and that of the few who pay? Of course not. <BR>But that is what we see at virtually every non-league club. Economically its ridiculous, though we all know why its happening. Clubs have to join in or quit competing its as simple as that. I sincerely hope a proud club with a tradition like Kingstonian pull through, but I have little sympathy for the management who have failed the simple laws of keeping expenditure under control. The clubs playing crazy money to buy a side are mostly responsible for the big wages, average players are demanding.

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