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Concord Res 1-1 Burnham Res

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Concord came into the game on a high after a spirited performance at Heybridge previously, with several key players missing due to being under the thumb from their respective WAG's, and their inability to 'get their head on the game', mnager Dean Russell was forced to call on several young players from within the Concord Youth teams. An inexperienced defence was boosted by the inclusion of the vocal Michael Collier, and the front line again being led by Jimmy Webb and Matt Crumbie.


Concord started well, with the pace of Webb threatening to cause problems from the off.


Burnham looked to play to the channels as often as possible, and put many threatening balls into the box, but made no clear cut chances.


Midway through the half, a massive drop kick from Collier landed over the head of the Burnham left back, who had his pants pulled down and his [****!!****] smacked by Jimmy Webb, who took the ball down with a sublime touch, and fired across the 'keeper into the bottom corner.


Burnham did lose their skipper to a red card in the 1st half, he took down Matt Crumbie when clear through on goal, leving the referee no option but to be influenced by the chants of 'off!off!off!off! from the Concord mini-soccer players in attendance, who cheered jubilantly as the dejected captain departed the pitch, with the sound of the youngsters clapping and cheering ringing in his ears.


It is the old adage that it is harder to play against ten men, and Burnham started to fight back, once again finding joy in wide positions, but Concord stood firm.


Half-Time 1-0


After such a good performance, Concord looked a little slow in the second half, losing possesion, holding onto the ball too long, and Burnham capitalised on this to great effect.


They attacked and defended in numbers, and got their breakthrough when a cross from the left wasn't cleared, and iot trickled along the line, to beslammed in by an onrushing Burnham forward, as Onebreast would say 'with a plum'.


Concord did lack a spark going forward and their efforts were thwarted by the work rate from the Burnham players, who even threw on their assistant manager?


Matt Crumbie fell over when it looked easier to score, and Concord also lost Jamie Harvey to injury in the second half. Harvey was lucky to have survived a card earlier in proceedings after a Martin Taylor'esque tackle on the Burnham 7, who to be fair, wasn't that badly hurt but did his best impression of 'When Harry met Sally' whilst rolling around on the turf.


Concord can take alot of positives fromthe game, considering the back four were all 16 years of age, eventually finshing with 6 16 year olds on the pitch, the effort was good, and they will look to imrove their league position by bringing ohome 3 points from Stansted tomorrow night.


Concord Res (4-4-2)


GK M.Collier


RB B.Cranfield

LB C.Clare

CB Brandon

CB K.Sleape


RM J.Harvey (sub J.Speed 70)

LM S.Taylor

CM M.Hood (sub S.Grainger 80)

CM H.Key


CF J.Webb

CF M.Crumbie



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