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Did you boycott last night...?

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...if so you missed IMO one of the best games of the season. I can understand some frustration re the segregation but as a past and resolute behind the goaler I have to say - get used to it!


As it turned out the main terrace was split 50:50 and made for a great atmosphere as at Aldershot where we shared their main covered terrace too.


By all means moan and let the club know your feelings but not to attend to support the team just seems a very odd decision to me.


What good does it really do? No decisions were changed and knowing that this was down to the all powerful (external) safety officer rulings, were never going to be. I have spoken with the bloke and he makes his decisions on how he sees the safety issues, most certainly not from a football supporter viewpoint and what he says goes.


As to the football we should have beaten them by a couple of goals again but I know who were the happier supporters at the final whistle - great stuff.


I agree with posts elsewhere that the crowd must have been higher than 1450 if they did have 900 there. Perhaps the maths goes wrong at times with the figures as the gate numbers look odd a few times each season?

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I think the attendance was probably about right. The Fleet fans were very thinly spread in the Plough End & outnumbered about 2 to 1 in the main standing enclosure. Actually the Shots fans being under the roof did make for a great atmosphere - they made a great noise all through (well they went a bit quiet twice!)


I too thought it was a cracking game; the most exciting & open of the season, imo. Yes, we could have won: Chrsi McPhee lifting the ball over from point blank range, which would have made it 2-0; Stacy Long looking certain to score, when we were 1-2 down, until Bull nearly did himself a permanently nasty injury pulling off the save; suspicions their 2nd was offside; but a draw probably a fair result - Aldershot are a tremendous side going forward at pace and we have proved ourselves at least their equals over 3 important games. Looks good for next season.

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Agreed it was a cracking game and I think we more than matched them, great team effort and work rate, and with some sharper finishing could have won.


And for those who stayed away, well I went because the team deserve our support. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the segregation issue its nothing to do with them. I have attended all the home games this season and (with the possible exception of R&D) I can't recall ever seeing them give less than total commitment to the cause. To boycott the game (1400 seemed about right to me) just because the club acted in the interest of everyones safety and had little choice in the matter seemed like a bit of a slap in the face to the lads and their efforts (Wemberlee...Wemberlee....).





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