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Is there a 'latest posts' feed?

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Hi Ian,


I'm still using the same code as supplied in your last post of 24 Aug 2010, i.e. http://www.nonleague.co.uk/rss/forums/2-billericay-town-rss-feed/ and it still seems to be the right code, but for some reason the homepage at http://www.billericaytownfc.co.uk is showing posts from the Enfield Town forum.


Any ideas?



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The only thing I can think of is that the code must have altered - I know I went onto the site the other day and it looked fine.


Have not altered this for some time.


Not sure what code is being used on the page - if you let me know I can probably tell what is wrong.

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Thanks Ian.


It's weird. I am just using a module in Joomla.


If I put http://www.nonleague.co.uk/rss/forums/1-enfield-town-rss-feed/ I get the Enfield posts.

If I put http://www.nonleague.co.uk/rss/forums/3-ebbsfleet-united/ I get the Ebbsfleet posts.

If I put http://www.nonleague.co.uk/rss/forums/4-latest-topics-on-non-league-uk/ I get the Latest NonLeague UK posts.

But if I put http://www.nonleague.co.uk/rss/forums/2-billericay-town-rss-feed/ I get the Enfield posts again! Even though if I put http://www.nonleague.co.uk/rss/forums/2-billericay-town-rss-feed/ into IE8 I do see the BTFC posts.


Bizarre! I'm sure I don't have a clue what is going on here.

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OK, I knocked the '/' off the end of the Billericay Town feed name and now it seems to be working OK. I've always used the slash before without problems, so I don't know what the hell this is all about. Maybe the slash was pushing the length of the feeds name past a maximum character length that is allowed for a feed name by my software? Nah, that can't be 'cos the 'Latest Topics on NonLeague UK' feed has an even longer name. And all the other feeds work with the slash present.


I hate fixing things without knowing why I've fixed it!


Thanks for your time anyway Ian.

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