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Since doing the player profiles on the official site I have not been able to help myself so have started looking into how it could be improved. I am not looking to overcomplicate it with confusing navigation or overly flashy imagery but am looking to see if there is anyway that it could be terms of both ease of use and what it offers for both those updating and those viewing.

With this in mind I am asking for suggestions of what could be done. I do not mean 'More Updates' as I am sure that would have been the most common answer. More along the lines of something that you have seen working on another site that could be beneficial on margate-fc.com.

Anything from layouts to navigation menus and features to useablility. If you see something on another site that you think would work well on ours, or even if it is something that you have though of yourself let me know and I will look into it. Also if someone does make a suggestion, feedback on it from others will also help because the site is targetted at everyone, not just one persons tastes. Also, obviously, if you think the site is fine as it is then let me know.

As I said, the whole point is to make things easier on both sides and if anything were to make it more complicated then there is no point.


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Don't know how practical it would be to implement, but I think the access to match reports etc could be improved.


On most other sites access to this info is via the 'fixtures & results list'. On the MFC: Fixtures/Results 2008/09 page, you show the fixture list and up-to-date results, next to this is a link stating 'more details' however it just shows what is already on the list, plus the nature of the fixture & the name of the venue.


What I'd propose is that it should lead to is: the names of the goalscorers, the attendance and a link to the match report &/or any available match photos. By adding those items to the 'more details' feature it could aid the accessibility of the site features and make the site more user-friendly and navigable.


With regards to the stats, there isn't a quick way to find who scored what and when they scored ie: Ryan scored against Boreham Wood, but when did he last score? When did we last score a penalty? To find those two points I'd have to read through all the match reports. Shouldn't this be on a list for us stats lovers?


Is this the kind of thing you're looking for Steve?

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Steve, I dont think it is obvious that the MISA icon is a link. It just looks like the badge is there to fill a space. It took me ages at first to find it on the site particularly as all the other links are in the same place. Perhaps something under the badge saying "click here" may get a few more hits.

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Thanks for the suggestions. These are exactly the sorts of things I was looking for.

I won't comment on the suggestions yet as I would like to see if there are any others first but, suffice to say, I think all are valid comments so far and possibly easy to implement. And it is good to see someone else with my obsession with stats Peter!


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