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It it RIP for friendly internationals...

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What happened with the England versus Serbia friendly the other night? - What a boring, pointless match.


The FA is set on destroying the England national team and all that it represents and it looks like they are succeeding. No wonder the atmosphere at Leicester was disappointing, who really cares about watching an England complete with 20 odd players (most of them mediocre) take on a team of eastern Europeans, watched by 30,000 cardboard cut-outs in a match with nothing at stake to either team?


Surely it’s time to bring back the old home internationals. The prospect of playing the Welsh in Cardiff or Scotland in Glasgow cheered on by passionate supporters know how to create an atmosphere must be much more appealing that watching an England ‘B’ side take on the Croatians in Ipswich.


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I agree with you there DA11. Home Internationals every Summer would be brilliant for England (postponed for WC and Euro Champs obviously)


To see the Captains armband bandied about like it was a chore was soul destroying.


Mediocre players with no passion for there country. the days of Pearce, Butcher and Gazza shedding blood and tears for there country are over.


Lets not forget the pathetic game against Brazil in the WC. No passion.

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