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Last night

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This is my first posting, ive been a Fleet supporter for around 40 years,now I live in N.Devon so it's difficult to take in many games.

It's pretty frustrating not being able to support the team in the best way possible,so to cut to the chase, I for one would be glad to donate on a regular basis to whatever scheme you set up

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I am sure that the Fleet Trust forms and standing order mandates will be available on here, in the not too distant future.

Which will allow exiles to complete and send back to the club.


It is certainly exciting times down at Stonebridge Road at the moment, and the more people contributing to that success the better, and by contributing I mean either thru' the trust or thru' the turnstiles.


I take it from your location, you will be looking forward to our away games with Exeter, FGR and Hereford...


Up the Fleet..



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Yes i'll do my best to make those games,I managed Hereford & FR last season and obviously


Most away games are almost as far from me as

coming back home!

So I do plan on getting as many home games in as

I can manage and afford!

B&B will be cheap as my parents live in Gravesend,

i'm a little more optimistic about the coming season

now,(we do need a 20 goal a season striker though)

Thanks to everyone for operating the forum, where would someone like myself be without it? the NLP

is hardly a major source of info,i'd be interested to know how many more exiles there are out there?


Dagenham are playing Bideford pre season in July,

so i'll be there to see how Jacko & Benno fit in,if

they get a game, among the cast of thousands who seem to be signing on,hope for their sake their not

used as extras or bit part players.

C'mon you Reds

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