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Good News from Sutton at Last

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I am in a hotel in Leeds, My mobile is

not working, I could not remember the Gulls Line number, Ian has stopped posting the scores on the board and teletext just showed a half time score of 1-0 to Sutton. The agony of not knowing has been almost unbearable but at last the score comes up 4-1 to the Gulls - I am now celebrating with a very expensive can of beer from the mini bar. Then the bad news Gravesend win 4-1 as well - oh well it's still in our hands - if we win every game we will be up and given Gravesend form it might take that<p>Match reports asap would be appreciated so i can read them from my hotel in Bristol tomorrow or Plymouth<p>From Clive - currently on a UK tour which ends, hopefully in glory, in Wigan on Saturday.

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