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Prices - an alternative view from an accountant

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Some thoughts on this from the Finance Director of a £45m turnover company due to make a sizable profit this year. (so I think I speak with some authority.<p>1 The FA cup is partly about glory (which we have had) but mainly about money.<p>2 I assume somebody in the club has some some estimates and worked out that Canvey will make more money with higher ticket prices.<p>3 The crowd estimates could be wrong and we lose out - unfortunately thats life and in business people are always taking these sort of risks<p>4 If even a small amount of the money earned in this cup run results in signing a player who scores the goal that gets us into the Conference it will have been worth it.<p>5 If jeff and others had wanted to be involved in a football club to make money - then choosing one in the Essex Senior League was not a very good place to start<p>6 Even if they are now trying to make money they are still looking in the wrong place - 99% of football clubs are cra* investments.<p>So stop moaning, go and cheer the boys on in Burnley and enjoy a good day out.

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