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here we are halfway through the season (well ok technically half way plus a couple of games).. now think back to 5 games into the season, we had been well beaten by the shots at home, played out a suicide inducing bore draw with purfleet and been done by croydon again!..7 points and 11th place (i think), to make matters worse Riccay were top with a full house of 15 points!...since then (and im talking league games only here) what can i say, f..king brilliant!!! we scraped it against chesham, and braintree were hard work but otherwise we have been worth most of the wins and deserved to beat harrow borough..beating grays 1-0 at their place was my result of the first half of the season (well until today that is)...normally that king of run would give us a nice cushion but all credit to G and N for staying on the pace.. we have 2 great games against them coming up but have done enough now for a draw at our place to be acceptable.. they are 2 games behind but i expect them to beat a dispirited shots team, heybidge will be their next opponents and are on a good run of form, hopefully our essex neighbours will cut us a bit more slack shocked.gif" border="0 .. our squad has performed superbly thus far, when you consider tilson and bodders have been out for ages and wardy greggors and stimmo have all had injuries..who can believe miller could hardly get a game last season!?! and buzz must be into his best season ever for us (playing and getting cards! wink.gif" border="0 ).. im am hoping it is this strength in depth that will enable us to shake off a tenacious (spelling?) G and N reagrdless of the result at park lane.. with 23 games under our belt already things are well placed for a good trophy run (hopefully) but if i start going on about the cup games this season i'll be here forever, (someone else can wax lyrical about them my fingers are starting to hurt smile.gif" border="0 ..i must admit the league is my personnal priority this season but roll on burnley <img src="graemlins/smilewinkgrin.gif" border="0" alt="[smilewinkgrin]" /> i cant wait!!! happy new year canvey fans everywhere <img src="graemlins/coolsmoke.gif" border="0" alt="coolsmoke" />

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