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Notts County is heading towards extinction in five days. There is a very

real chance that the match at Meadow Lane against Luton Town this Saturday

could be the last ever game for the world's oldest League club.


We have all seen the news about how financial backers of the group put

together by former Chairman Derek Pavis have withdrawn their support,

leaving the future of the world's oldest League club in serious doubt.


The administrators Kroll must now present a case for the future of the club

at the Football League meeting on Monday, September 8th. Failure to do so

may signal the end of Notts County's 115-year membership of the League and

the end of a vital piece of football history.


As this deadline approaches, representatives of the independent Supporters'

Trust continue to work `behind the scenes' to help engineer a solution.

Today, members of the Trust have discussed with the administrators Kroll how

the future of our football club can be secured, which is where YOU can help.



We are appealing to supporters everywhere to help secure the future of Notts

County Football Club. We need everyone to give what they can. However small

or large a donation – whether it is a £1, £100 or £1000 or more, together we

can make a difference.


The Trust believes that with the goodwill of supporters everywhere we can

raise between £250,000-500,000 by Monday - the deadline set by the Football



The Trust is not going to let the world's oldest league club go out of

business without a fight. The idea that Saturday's match against Luton Town

being the last is unthinkable. That would be a tragedy – not only for the

people of Nottinghamshire but for our national game.


With all YOUR support we can be a part of saving the World's Oldest League

Club. For details on how to send donations see the Notts County Supporters

Trust website: www.nottscotrust.org.uk



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We made some good friends at Notts County during the long running FA Cup Saga a few years ago - lets hope for their sake that this doesnt happen.


Good luck to all at Notts C in saving their club.

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no team deserves to fold the fans the back room staff and most of all the players to most people it's a way of life to others it's a job lets hope they stay afloat and continue to play.

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Wouldn't have thought old Beatrice would have remembered 1961 ???

oh well...maybe he/she is quite old !!


Anyway......don't like to see any club fold....so good luck to Notts County in their quest to survive....





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