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Alan W (GNFC)

Comparison with last season

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After 8 games last year, we had 10 points as opposed to 6 this year - not disastrously behind therefore.


More encouraging is the fact that , on a game for game comparison, we had only 7 points from the 8 games we have played, so we're only 1 point down as things stand.


So, despite all the doom and gloom some people have been spreading, things really arent that bad.


Incidentally, as well, its interesting to see that all 3 relegated clubs from last season are in the top 6 of their respective leagues at present - Nuneaton lead the Dr Martens, Kettering are 3rd in the Ryman, and Southport are 6th in the Unibond. Whilst I know these clubs have probably changed playing staff to some extent, the current positions of these clubs only serves to emphasize the strength of the Conference compared to the next level down.

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i would say the top 7 or 8 clubs in the conf are div 3 standard as will probably be made very clear in the cup n trophy games to come.. you know as a ryman team you aint gonna get much joy if you get drawm away to hereford or the daggers in a cup game.. how this step up from the like of those 2, chester etc etc has improved the bottom half of the league will be intresting to see as the conf clubs come into the cup n trophy games (if the top 8 can be arsed with a trophy run that is)

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