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Guernsey FC

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Hi everyone from a very excited fan of Guernsey FC who will hopefully be joining your Division One from next season


I thought it best to clear up a few misconceptions that I have read on this site and others regarding Guernsey FC. Firstly there are an awful lot of us in Guernsey who cannot wait to see our Island team participate in your league and look forward to welcoming players and supporters to Guernsey during the coming season(s).


In comparison to the mainland facilities for all sports in Guernsey are amazing. I know this because I have played football in the UK at this level and above and know that you will be completely looked after when visiting the Island. The home pitch for Guernsey FC is at Footes Lane and is shared with the Guernsey Rugby Club. Take it from me the pitch will be perfect for football and as we have a slightly better climate than the UK visiting football sides should never see a mud bath! If there were any issues regarding the pitch the Island boasts up to 4 great club pitches which would easily make the standard for this level of football, so there is lots of backup.


It is reported locally that the funding of your team's trip to play Guernsey will be met by Guernsey so this should deal with the financial concern for those of you who have raised it.


We look forward to welcoming you all to Guernsey but I would just like to say to the person who describes us as 'Lambs for the slaughter', please be careful with these comments. After winning the FA National League Systems Cup last year we went on to represent England in the Amatuer World Cup qualifiers in Croatia. Please note that we are not entering your league to make up the numbers or give your teams a 'nice day out'. We have some real talent and flair to bring to your league and everyone should know from the outset that our hospitality will not extend to the match, we are taking this very seriously and are entering the league to win it.

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