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Graham S

I'm no tactical genius, but ...

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...wasn't it a mistake to pull everyone back so deep for that final free kick? (Given for offside, if I remember rightly, so inside their half.)


Their goalie then touched it to one of their players who had 1/3 of the pitch to run into, unchallenged & all the time in the world to pick out one of his own players, who duly headed on for the guy to score. (Pity we weren't so composed against Chester's 9 men last season, in about 8 identical situations!)


Also agree with other posters: it was a mistake to swap Adam for Jimmy. He had to sprint into the box & we clearly weren't totally settled when the ball came in.


However: yes we badly missed Walshe's final passes, but let's give credit to Forest Green for totally disrupting our flow & pattern. I'd never have said it before about 10pm last night, but they deserved their point. They had to endure an appalling decision in the 2nd half when clear through, only for the ref to stop play for the linesman's flag & then discover it was for a foul on their player before the pass which released the man on goal.


Maybe no bad thing today. We don't want to be complacent for the Shots' visit on Tuesday. 3 points against them are amongst the sweetest we ever get. We'll have to be absolutely at our best to get them, though. No madman Borg to destroy them now. We have to do it all on our own.


Graham S


PS Nice compliment for Andy from Colin Addison in the NLP

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